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Doorways Magazine to Publish Fearfodder's Own!

I know, I know, it's inexcusable to let so much time pass between entries on this site only to dedicate this one to the thankless task of self-promotion. But that's exactly what I'm going to do, and I venture that you would too, if you had a story coming out this summer in the same issue of Doorways Magazine that will also be sporting fiction by Bentley Little and Clive Barker.

That's right, folks, Fearfodder's very own Pete Mesling (that's me) will enjoy the rich honor of seeing his (my) story, "The Tree Mumblers," share space with the work of two major players in the scare biz.

Now, I was already good and excited to learn that I'd be in the same issue as Bentley Little. That would have been enough to keep me tickled pink for a good year. But to later discover that a reprint of Clive Barker's classic "Midnight Meat Train" would also be appearing in said issue ... Well, it's almost too damn much to take in.

Anyone with a passing interest in Fearfodder is probably aware that I hold Clive Barker in pretty high esteem, so this comes as a real pleasure. It doesn't bring me any closer to being in his league as a writer, but it's terribly gratifying that Mort Castle, the fantastic writer and editor of Doorways, saw enough value in my little tale to prop it on the shoulders of giants. Thank you, Mort.

Oh, and speaking of Mort Castle, if you've never read his story "And of Gideon," do yourself a favor and locate a copy of "Nukes: Four Horror Writers on the Ultimate Horror." "And of Gideon" is one of the great tales of terror from the '80s, if you ask me. It lingers the way Robert McCammon's "Nightcrawlers" lingers. Besides, the collection also contains a knockout short by Joe Lansdale that makes "The Ruins" read like a children's story. Now, go find a copy. You owe it to yourself. You've been good.

But first, visit my site to find out how to order the publications my fiction has appeared in, or will appear in. You can also click here to learn more details about Doorways #6. And don't forget to check out the "Midnight Meat Train" section of Clive Barker's official site for information about the forthcoming film version of his story.—Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on February 17, 2008 7:27 PM
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