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A Farewell to Fearfodder

Looking back, I see that I last posted to Fearfodder over a year ago. Jesus, there's no excuse for that. I've been telling myself I might hunker down for the occasional diatribe, which is why I haven't put my resignation in writing to Mac Slocum, head honcho of the Fodder Network, before now. Well, folks, I see no reason to keep you hanging any longer. It looks like this is finally goodbye.

There have been a few deciding factors at play in this gradual decision. For one thing, why not end on a high note? My interview with Tom Moran of Black Ink Horror fame would be a tough act to follow. Also, more and more, I've been laying down my views on my own blog. Fiction and comic book writing increasingly dominates my time as well, and of course work and family figure into this.

So you get the idea, I hope, that I haven't come to this departure lightly. Writing for Filmfodder and Fearfodder has been a great pleasure. I hope I was bold enough to tell it like it is and fair enough to explain why. Whatever else I may have been as a film reviewer and compiler of horror-related news, know that I was at all times also creating, whether music, fiction or poetry. I did my share of criticizing within these walls, and I wouldn't take more than a word or two of it back. But I hope it came across that mine were not the jealous rants of someone whose creative core had dried up and twisted away in the wind. If at least half of what you read or watch doesn't make you angry enough to take a life, you're not paying attention. And that's the heart from which my ire has always spewed.

But I think I managed to praise the good stuff just as feverishly as I skewered the bad. And I hope the little parcel of cyber real estate that Mac was craz ... er, kind enough to allot me brought a little fun to your dismal lives. I know it did to mine, even when I was no longer posting on anything like a daily basis.

If you're so inclined, please visit my new plot of land: It's the best way to keep up to date on my fiction and comics. It's also loaded with music, photos and yes, a blog. I'm still a surly sumbitch at times. A face lift doesn't change the ugliness within, after all. Yet the Prison, as I've affectionately dubbed my new-ish blog, is a different animal than Fearfodder. I've loosened my cravat, in some respects. I've probably tightened my belt in others. My hope is that the result might appeal to Fearfodder types, even though I've broadened the umbrella some.

Thanks for hanging in there, if you have. A writer without readers is but a single hand clapping (probably in an attempt to applaud himself). Your role, among other things, is to prevent such embarrassment.

One last thing: Thanks for the sandbox, Mac. I had an incredible time with it all. And who knows, I might just take you up on your offer to stop by any time to offload a salient observation or two.

Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on August 11, 2009 3:19 PM
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