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A Hitch in Madonna's Adoption Plan

Wow. This strikes me as exceedingly awkward. According to CNN, the father of the Malawian boy Madonna is in the process of adopting now says he never intended to give the boy up for good, but rather to be raised on his behalf until finished with school. He claims he did not understand the documents regarding the impending adoption, and would never have agreed to Madonna's plan to make the boy his son.

Okay, wow. Apparently, plans are still underway for the boy to stay with Madonna for the next 18 months while Malawian officials make their final decision, but this whole thing seems to me an incredibly bad idea. Why must she make things so difficult? Why couldn't she just adopt a child from a country who approves of adoption? And why not - before things go too far - give the kid back before her whole life dissolves into legal nightmares? Oy. I miss the good ol' days of Madonna. The ones before she spoke with a British accent.

- Amy Maloof

Posted by on October 22, 2006 9:04 PM
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Dear Ms. Aloof,
First things first, when you are writing something formal, try not to start your sentences with words such as "Wow" or "Okay, wow," it just does not sound very professional.
Second, I really would love to know who you think you are when you say that "Madonna is making things difficult." If someone is so generous and willing to give their love to a child, especially one who was very sick and would have otherwise died, then bless their heart. I would love to know if you would be so willing to put your husband and children in the limelight just to give someone a better home. Maybe next time you should think and do a little more research before you write a news article.

-Chelsy Ingallina

-- Posted by: Chelsy Ingallina at November 26, 2006 3:07 PM

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