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Hollywood is Baby Crazed

Pink is the New Blog reports that Maggie Gyllenhaal gave birth to a new baby girl Tuesday evening. Apparently she's named the poor thing Ramona; unless she was a huge fan of the books, I find this name choice inexcusable. That baby better have Jake's (sigh) and Maggie's baby blues to make up for it all.

People recently announced Tori Spelling's pregnancy. The (rather frightening, very plasticized) actress is married to actor Dean McDermott; this will be Spelling's first child, and McDermott's third. That baby would have been in the money if things hadn't gone down the way they had. Didn't she end up with only like 200 grand? Ouch.

And last, but not least, Hollywood Rag has announced Madonna's decision to adopt a young boy from Malawi. The country has lifted its ban on non-resident adoptions for the pop singer, who took an interest in the country after learning of the many orphaned children who lost their parents to AIDS. This will be Madonna's first adopted child; she has two biological children to date. Everyday I drive past The Kaballah Center and keep my eyes peeled for the pop queen. Nothing yet, but I'll keep you posted.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by on October 4, 2006 4:39 PM
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