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Interview: Ryan Gosling Talks Mickey and Movies

gosling.jpgI haven't seen The Notebook. I don't remember him in Remember the Titans. The Believer apparently never got distribution. But by the end of Half Nelson, I'd fully subscribed to anything and everything Ryan Gosling might be selling. How could you not?

Now, with an Oscar nomination to his credit and no less than four films in the works, Gosling's found himself in exactly the place he didn't expect to be: a successful one. The Guardian's posted an interview with the reluctant star. "People are being very supportive, and that's against my plan," he says, shaking his head, "I was planning on being ostracised!" Someone should tell him that's what happens when you knock the socks off all of Hollywood with one performance.

The interview is chock full of little-known Gosling tid-bits. Did you know he was on The Mickey Mouse Club with Justin, Christina and Britney (and Keri Russell, though no one mentions that for some reason)? Did you know that he corrupted his co-stars' sensibilities so much that the mothers intervened? He wasn't supposed to get the role in "The Believer," but it turned into the role that put him on the map. When he's not working on a movie, he's working in the kitchen of the restaurant he co-owns.

Maybe I'm late to the party, having just caught on to how talented this guy is. How long have you been a fan of Gosling's? It may be the oldest cliche out there, but I'm happy to apply it here: better late than never.

Posted by on February 21, 2007 11:36 PM
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