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Director Craig Brewer Talks to IFC

brewer.jpgThe name Craig Brewer might not ring any bells, but if you're reading this you've heard of his movies. He hit it big last year with Hustle & Flow, a first feature that scored two Academy Awards and brought Terrence Howard into the mainstream spotlight.

Now, Black Snake Moan is in theaters, it's odd plotline and interesting casting generating plenty of buzz. In case you haven't heard about it, pic stars Christina Ricci as a nymphomaniac who stumbles onto Samuel L. Jackson's doorstep. To cure her of her sinful ways, Lazarus (Jackson) ties Rae (Ricci) to his radiator. I told you it was odd. But if "Hustle" is any indicator, Brewer's created a gritty, honest story that'll likely find an audience.

IFC's posted a quick interview with the filmmaker and rather than ask the tired questions (How did Justin Timberlake end up in the cast?), the conversation is a glimpse into where Brewer's unique take on filmmaking comes from. His southern childhood and passion for music both play large roles in his creative process.

According to Brewer, "Hustle" was his hip-hop film and "Black Snake Moan" is the blues. Up next, he tackles country music with "Maggie Lynn," about (in his own words) "this woman with two kids who used to play with her brother and her daddy, when he was alive, at state fairs, mountain music type stuff."

Watch the Black Snake Moan trailer, then check it out for yourself. Does it stack up to "Hustle"?

Posted by on March 5, 2007 11:02 PM
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