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Welcome to the Filmfodder's Movie stuff. The reason this page exists is because we have this weird idea of possibly expanding into other entertainment areas -- notably television. When that day comes, we're going to need some section pages, and that's what this is. You've probably landed here by mistake, but since you've come all this way, we might as well throw something at you. So here goes:

Movie Reviews
  Our huge archive of original reviews grows whenever we get the urge to add something to it. We often get that urge.

Spotlight Films
  News, rumors and assorted tidbits on anticipated movies.

The Critical Eye
  Behold Filmfodder's collection of film and television criticism, overseen by intrepid editor Pete Mesling.

Film Junkies Blog
  An ongoing look at weird stories from across the entertainment world (and often from beyond the entertainment world).

  Get the latest information on key DVD releases.

Movie Specials & Features
  What's the difference between a "special" and a "feature?" Hell if we know. We just thought the ampersand looked cool. Anyway, this is the area where we house all our miscellaneous content -- columns, articles, diatribes.