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2004 Film Awards Tracker
  From December 2004 through February 2005, Filmfodder will be keeping tabs on the major film awards with our Film Awards Tracker.

2002 Oscars
  Once again, we round up the nominees and pass harsh, unjustified judgement on the Academy.

2001-2002 Awards
  From December 2001 through March 2002 we keep track of critic's association winners. See who's racking up the accolades.

2001 Oscars
  Peruse the list of nominees, see who the Filmfodder staff picks to win, talk about the awards in the forums, read related reviews, and behold our occasionally witty analysis. We'll be adding to this section in the coming weeks, so stop by often.

2000-2001 Awards
  Keep up on who won what with our 2000 Awards list. As critics' organizations announce their yearly picks, we'll be updating and archiving this section. Visit the bugger.

2000 Oscars
  See what we REALLY think of the Oscars as the awards are distributed. Visit our Live Oscar Transcript.