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Welcome to The Critical Eye. Here you will find the cream of online film and television criticism. Some of what you uncover will agree with you. Much of it will not. But rest assured that you will leave our humble corner of Filmfodder with a bellyful of, "Hmmm."

Q&A: Indy Filmmakers Blaze a "Broken" Trail
With their impressive short film "Broken," Florida-based filmmakers Alex Ferrari and Jorge F. Rodriguez prove that $8,000 can go a very long way. Interview by Pete Mesling

What Ever Happened to Genre Flicks?
Filmfodder editor Pete Mesling says traditional genre movies -- horror, western, etc. -- have been overrun by self-consciousness and an overblown need to push boundaries.

Fool Martyr Q&A
Joey McAdams and Clark Kline, the filmmaking team behind Fool Martyr Productions, are standing at a crossroads. Their first feature is in the can and when it hits it could turn a movie-making hobby into a full-fledged career. Editor Pete Mesling speaks with the duo in this Filmfodder Q&A.

Director Profile: Clive Barker
Clive Barker once famously wrote, "There's no delight the equal of dread." When he's the one doling out the dread, there's no doubt about it. See for yourself why Mr. Barker has earned a place for himself in Filmfodder's Director Profiles.

The Films of Richard Matheson
Whether you know him as a novelist and short story writer, a prolific contributor to the original "Twilight Zone" series, or the brains behind Steven Spielberg's "Duel," chances are that Richard Matheson's work has come to your attention at some point. Here's your opportunity to enjoy our four-part romp through his illustrious film and television career, complete with his own periodic commentary.

Q&A with Stuart Gordon
In "King of the Ants," a young worker hired to track and kill another man becomes a little too enthusiastic about his new employment. Stuart Gordon, director of "Ants," sat down with Filmfodder editor Pete Mesling to discuss the behind-the-scenes details of this crafty and ambiguous horror film.

Column: Silent Bob Strikes Back
In a recent New York Times article, Kevin Smith, director of the upcoming Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez film "Jersey Girl," had some choice "Gigli" comments for his "Jersey" co-stars. Taken on its own, the Times article is a juicy little piece of irrelevance, but now that Smith is refuting the story, a lesson in the perils of entertainment journalism lies amidst the nonsense. Written by Mac Slocum.

Bruce Campbell at American Cinematheque
The B-movie hero joins forces with director Don Coscarelli to discuss "Bubba Ho-Tep," a screwy flick that pits a geriatric Elvis against a soul-sucking mummy.

George Lucas Surveys His Empire
At a special American Cinematheque event in Hollywood, the "Star Wars" creator chronicles the history of his space epic and drops hints about "Episode III" and future DVDs.

Drive-In Mania!
From backwoods vigilante justice to talkative female body parts, Filmfodder columnist Chris Barry takes a nostalgic look at five films that embody all that was great about drive-in movies. Read his drive-in collection.

The Best Teen Movies You've Probably Never Seen
Writer Elise Hedge traveled into the Clearasil heart of darkness, staring deep into the teen movie abyss to bring forth seven films that churn with angst and adolescent hoo-ha. Read her collection and see what you've been missing.

Director Profiles
Directors are more important than stars, producers, casting agents and caterers. A good director can coax a great performance from a crappy actor and mold a lame screenplay into something compelling. For this reason, we like to occasionally profile directors. If you have suggestions for directors we should feature, drop us a line.