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Galactic Stupidity: Lucas to Write, Direct and Produce "Episode II"

star wars  
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All "Star Wars" fans, please join hands and repeat after me: "Oh heavenly Jawa. Please let George write a decent screenplay. He does not realize his weaknesses and needs your Jawa guidance. Make his dialogue flow. Teach him the importance of contractions. And please, PLEASE, make him kill Jar-Jar in Act 1." What's the impetus for this ridiculous appeal to the Great Jawa in the sky? is reporting that Lucas has decided to write, direct and produce "Episode II." Unlike many people, I enjoyed "Episode I," but I can't deny that the script was lacking and the dialogue sucked Bantha bottom. Let's hope Georgie shows his screenplay to an editor before ILM builds all those expensive wireframes.
Posted by Mac on May 25, 2000 06:01 PM
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