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Schwarzenegger on Terminator 3: "I'll Return Promptly"

Maybe it was the lackluster reception of "End of Days." Maybe it was a guilt complex developed after that poor showing in "Batman & Robin." Maybe it's just a very strong desire to make a heaping pile of money. Whatever the reason, reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to chug the badass juice one more time in "Terminator 3." Over the last year Arnold has adamently refused to jump on the "T3" bandwagon unless Big Jimmy Cameron is involved. Seeing as Cameron has been against the idea of another sequel, this project appeared to have the liveliness of a boiled lobster. But resurrection has touched the cyborg and now Arnold is telling "Access Hollywood" (that bastion of lukewarm entertainment journalism) that Cameron will definitely produce "T3" and he may decide to direct. As long as Cameron stays away from the script and promises to never, ever, claim to be "king of the world" again, we're down with this movie.

Posted by Mac on June 21, 2000 02:42 PM
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