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Smits Confirmed for Episodes II and III

The boys at Coming Attractions must be riding high on this news. Back in May, CA broke a story that said Jimmy Smits would have a role in the upcoming "Star Wars" prequels. Despite vehement denials from the Lucas and Smits camps, CA stuck by their story and now they've emerged smelling sweeter than wildflowers at a rest stop. (the official site) has confirmed that Smits will play Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan in both prequels. Organa is a vital "bridge" character between the prequels and originals because he becomes Princess Leia's foster father sometime in "Episode III." He also becomes a free-floating vapor when the Death Star tests its laser of carnage on Alderaan in "Episode IV"—but I'm getting ahead of myself. Smits' television career has been impressive, particularly his recent work as Detective Bobby Simone on "NYPD Blue," but his box office clout is on par with Bea Arthur's. Here's hoping Jimmy can pull through. Additionally, I raise my Sam Summer Brew to the boys at CA for resisting the urge to gloat and coming through with one hell of a scoop.

Posted by Mac on July 13, 2000 06:07 PM
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