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R2D2 Sacked by Computer

After stuffing yourself in a tin can for four movies, you'd think you'd get a little appreciation. Such is not the case for the maligned Kenny Baker, the "actor" who brought R2D2 to life. According to an item at the IMDb, Baker is being replaced by a computer-generated version of R2. The decision will undoubtedly have something to do with economics, but if Lucas sat down with his accountant he'd realize Baker is a bargain. How many actors would swelter under the hot Tunisian sun just so they can make a wee robot sputter and clank? Unfortunately, Baker stands to get the raw end of the light saber with this move. His filmography includes small roles (so to speak) in "Time Bandits" and "Labyrinth," both wonderful novelty films, but "Star Wars" has always been his bread and butter.

Posted by Mac on August 28, 2000 06:21 PM
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