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Bat Makeover: Two "Batman" Projects in the Works

I left ER for this?  
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Two "Batman" projects are gathering steam at Warner Bros., and both have the potential to resurrect the ailing franchise. First up is Darren Aronofsky's "Batman: Year One". As reported earlier this month Aronofsky ("Pi") was hoping to nab the batty directing duties, but his chances looked dim because of competition from more established directors like Bryan Singer ("X-Men"). What landed Aronofsky the job is the dark tone of the next film—being an indie director, dark is something Aronofsky knows well. Based on the 1987 graphic novel series by Frank Miller, "Batman: Year One" follows a young Bruce Wayne in his first days as the Dark Knight. Oddly, this comic series has a noir feel, which is the same tone George Clooney said the movie franchise should move towards. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Speaking of Batman stars, the lead for "Batman: Year One" hasn't been cast, but the rumors about Brad Pitt taking the role appear to be false. Casting Pitt as a flying rodent is a fine idea, just not in a "Batman" movie.

For more background on "Batman: Year One" visit IGN Sci-fi and to read more about Aronofsky's hiring, check out an article at Variety.

As I said, there are two Batman projects in development, the second being a live-action take on the popular "Batman Beyond" animated series. Set in Gotham 40 years in the future, the story focuses on a high school kid named Terry McGinnis who becomes the new Batman after uncovering the true identity of the now-retired Bruce Wayne. The cartoon is visually impressive (check out the official site), so the live-action version will have a lot to live up to. Nonetheless, the storyline is a refreshing change and might play well with a wider demographic than the gothic "Batman: Year One".

Posted by Mac on September 22, 2000 05:05 PM
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