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"Hitchhiker" Stuck in Eternal Holding Pattern

The long-in-development "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" project continues to wander in movie purgatory. IGN Filmforce reports on the latest Hitchhiker setback, saying that the success of "Meet the Parents" may further delay "Hitchhiker" from being made. These seemingly unrelated movies share a common bond in director Jay Roach. Roach—also director of the "Austin Powers" movies—is attached to helm "Hitchhiker," but the success of "Parents" has led to inevitable talk of a "Meet the Parents" sequel. If a sequel is greenlighted it would probably be put on the fast track and Roach would likely return to direct, thereby pushing "Hitchhiker" to the back burner again. There's also the looming threat of a third "Austin Powers" film. With Roach's schedule brimming with possibilities, IGN guesses that the earliest we could see "Hitchhiker" on screen would be 2002 (something verified by Salon's June interview with Douglas Adams). Given this project's history of glacial movement, 2002 seems optimistic.

My feeling is that Roach should go ahead and waste his time on money-making crap like a "Parents" sequel or another "Austin Powers" movie. "Hitchhiker" should be turned over to someone like Terry Gilliam. Gilliam's Monty Python background gives him plenty of comedic credibility and his unique visual flair could be put to good use in the wacky "Hitchhiker" universe. Of course, I have the clout of a sea urchin, so you might want to discard those fanciful thoughts of Gilliam taking the reigns.

Posted by Mac on October 12, 2000 11:51 AM
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