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Terminator 3's Titillating Tidbits

After a month of inactivity, "Terminator 3" news is finally surfacing. Earlier this week, the L.A. Times reported that "T3" will begin filming in March. Unfortunately, the March start date will pit this project against next summer's looming SAG strike, so there's a good chance it'll be pushed back.

The L.A. Times piece also says that Arnie's Terminator adversary will be female, which is a theory that's been making the rounds for a while now. However, the Times story didn't cite a source for this information (as Coming Attractions wisely notes), so there's a chance it might be false. Bottom line: Spread this information with caution for it may bite you on the butt.

If news reports from major metropolitan newspapers aren't enough for you, drop by Ain't It Cool News to read a "T3" script review. Be warned! Significant spoilers lie within the critique. If you don't want to know that Sarah Conner is actually a Cyborg do not read the review. That was a joke. Stop hyperventillating.

In casting news, TV Guide Online says Edward Furlong (the little John Connor in "T2") is in talks to reprise his role as the resistance leader in the next film. If Furlong signs on, he and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the only confirmed cast members. Earlier this year, Linda Hamilton said she wouldn't join "T3" unless her ex-husband James Cameron is involved. As of this writing, Cameron has expressed no interest in joining the production, so Hamilton's return appears to be in doubt. But here's an interesting twist; an August report from Coming Attractions says that Hamilton's identical twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren, might take the Sarah Conner role. Note to Ms. Gearren: Hit the gym.

The biggest question surrounding "T3" is the director. With Cameron almost definitely out, says that Ridley Scott ("Gladiator"), David Fincher ("Fight Club"), Roland Emmerich ("The Patriot"), and Christian Duguay ("The Art of War") are all in the running.

Posted by Mac on October 13, 2000 03:00 PM
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