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Wanted: Terminator 3 Director, Villain

The Web is teeming with rumors about "Terminator 3" and most of the conjecture is centering on two people: the villain and the director.

The Villain: Earlier this month, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that "T3's" villain will be a woman. Since then, an odd collection of names has surfaced in connection with this role: Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from "The Matrix"), WWF star Chyna (eh?), Natasha Henstridge ("Species"), and Famke Janssen ("X-Men"). If the rumors about Carrie-Anne Moss could be believed she would be the clear frontrunner, but Moss' schedule is already filled with the two "Matrix" sequels, so it's highly unlikely she'll find time to pound Arnie's hide in "T3."

Janssen's name is the most recent addition to the list and it's also the most valid because it emerged from a legitimate publication (Variety) as opposed to a random movie site run by a bunch of smartassed film geeks (ahem).

Casting Janssen would make sense. Her first significant role was in the 1995 Bond film "Goldeneye," where she played human Thighmaster Xenia Onatopp. For most of the last five years she's been hacking her way through mediocre fare like "Rounders" and "Deep Rising," but earlier this year she upped her notoriety by playing Jean Grey in "X-Men." Now that she's associated with "X-Men" it would be relatively easy to translate her action appeal to the "Terminator" franchise.

The Director: Variety is also reporting that John McTiernan ("Die Hard") might have an interest in directing "T3." Previously, David Fincher ("Fight Club") and Ridley Scott ("Gladiator") had been suggested as replacements for the departed James Cameron, but both helmers appear to be circling other projects. McTiernan just completed work on "Rollerball" so his open schedule might mesh with "T3's" spring start date.

McTiernan's reputation as the director of smart action movies could do wonders for the third "Terminator." The last thing the series needs is a director who will try to copy Cameron — a facsimile is never as good as the original (even if the original is bloated with ego). McTiernan's action track record gives him the clout necessary to make changes.

Of course, all the changes in the world won't save McTiernan if he revisits the horror of his first Schwarzenegger collaboration: "The Last Action Hero."

Posted by Mac on November 30, 2000 03:05 PM
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