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Episode II Madness: Battle Rumors, Lucas Interview, New Stills

ith the "real" filming out of the way on "Episode II," George Lucas and his team of CGI drones are turning their attention to the computer-generated "fake" parts that will constitute the bulk of the film. It's still early in the process ("Episode II" won't hit theatres until 2002), but tantalizing plot spoilers are already surfacing.

The most intriguing spoiler deals with an integral fight scene toward the end of "Episode II." I'll refrain from further description, but those who desperately want to know what transpires (or what might transpire), should visit T'Bone's Star Wars Universe. Beware! This report is detailed and, if true, exceptionally important to "Episode II's" plot.

For the non-spoiler contingent, a recent Lucas interview conducted by the UK's "Star Wars" magazine has a smattering of general tidbits. The lackadaisical questions make it clear that "Star Wars" magazine is an official, Lucas-approved publication. Nevertheless, Lucas expands on the rumored "darkness" of "Episode II," going so far as to say "the next one will probably be the darkest of all of them." Does this mean Jar-Jar is involved in a bloody conflict that ends in a swirl of torn flesh and Gungan guts? Let's hope so. The full text of the interview is available at Fort Tusken.

And finally, spankin' new stills from "Episode II" are now available on the official site. The pictures are embedded within an article that briefly describes the new Sony Panavision 24-fps digital camera used by Lucas and his cronies to film "Episode II." Judging by the clarity of these shots, "Episode II" could be a big step toward widespread adoption of digital filmmaking.

Posted by Mac on December 5, 2000 06:35 PM
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