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Get Smart: Agent 86 Poised for Movie Return

The latest TV show being adapted for the big screen is the '60s spy comedy "Get Smart." The Hollywood Reporter says Warner Bros. will resurrect Agent 86, Agent 99, and Chief of Control in a modern-day retelling set in Manhattan. The film will stay true to the series by focusing on the bumbling struggle between the evil terrorists of KAOS and the benevolent agents of CONTROL.

The original show ran from 1965-1970 and starred Don Adams as Maxwell Smart/Agent 86. Adams' distinctive voice and movements were integral to "Get Smart's" image, so it's likely the movie version of Smart will mimic the original (incidentally, Adams also voiced Inspector Gadget in the cartoon series). In 1998 the "Get Smart" film project was titled "Spyville" and Jim Carrey was the front-runner for the starring role. Carrey is no longer attached to the film, which is a detail Warner Bros. should rectify since he's one of the few big name performers who can handle "Get Smart's" mix of wit and slapstick. Mike Myers could also slide into the role, but his spy spoofing experience with "Austin Powers" and rumors that he'll fill Peter Sellers' shoes in a "Pink Panther" remake dim the prospects of landing him. Myers and Carrey also command budget-bloating salaries.

Regardless of budget, the worst thing Warner Bros. can do is cast an alleged actor like Freddie Prinze Jr. Sacrificing wit for teen appeal will turn this project into a steaming pile of pigeon poop. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on February 26, 2001 08:01 PM
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