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Rumors Be Damned: Jay Roach Remains Hitchhiker Director

Jay Roach, the director behind "Austin Powers" and "Meet the Parents," says reports of his departure from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" are erroneous. In an exclusive posted last week, IGN FilmForce says Roach left "Hitchhiker" because of budget disagreements with Disney. FilmForce, citing unnamed sources, says Disney cut the budget "well below the previously mentioned cost of $120 million." The article names Michel Gondry ("Human Nature") as the new "Hitchhiker" director.

Roach denies the FilmForce article, assuring online magazine Inside he's still attached to direct "unless there is an elaborate conspiracy I'm not aware of." He also says the budget is in the $80 million range and never pushed as high as the $120 million reported by FilmForce.

Today, FilmForce posted a follow-up article that cites comments Roach made to Entertainment Weekly last October in which the budget is listed between $85 and $100 million. FilmForce suggests a correlation between the lower budget figure and a dispute between Roach and Disney.

What isn't mentioned in any of these articles is how pathetic it is that the only movement on this project comes from rumors and denials. Instead of being a bright spot amidst upcoming projects, "Hitchhiker" has become the poster child for development hell.

Posted by Mac on March 19, 2001 11:55 AM
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