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James Bond Caught in Clutches of Movie Purgatory

The next Bond movie is being pushed back to 2006, reports MSNBC. The search for a new Bond director (and possibly, a new star) prompted Bond co-owners MGM and EON Productions to bump the film's November 2005 release date to an undetermined time in 2006.

Sony's recent purchase of MGM is another likely source of Bond chaos, but all that business stuff is pretty dull. What isn't dull is casting, and the next Bond installment is full of big questions. Namely: Who's going to star in this thing and who's going to direct it?

Pierce Brosnan dumped a couple tons of grist into the rumor mill a few months ago when he told an Entertainment Weekly reporter that "Bond is another lifetime ...". Brosnan has since claimed his comments were misunderstood and he says he's still interested in returning to the role. But are producers still interested in him? Entertainment columnists have had a field day throwing around possible replacements. The identity of the new Bond, if there is a new Bond, is still floating in the ether, but it seems that every male actor between the ages of 21-90 has been suggested at one point or another. My vote: Abe Vigoda.

On the director front, Matthew Vaughn (producer of "Snatch" and director of the upcoming crime film "Layer Cake") told Reuters he's held talks with MGM to helm the next Bond flick. Another candidate could be "Wicker Park" director Paul McGuigan.

So that's that; no Bond until at least 2006 but plenty of casting nonsense to keep interest alive. We'll be following the ridiculousness on our Bond spotlight page. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on October 1, 2004 01:54 PM
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