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Thomas Haden Church Cast as Spidey 3 Villain

Columbia Pictures announced earlier this week that Thomas Haden Church ("Sideways") has been cast as the villain in "Spider-Man 3."

Question is, which villain?

"The identity of the new villain is being kept secret and while speculation is rampant about which character is being called into action, the studio will not comment on the casting beyond confirming Church," says the Columbia press release.

Let that sink in. Columbia says "the studio" -- which is Columbia -- isn't commenting on the villain. So the studio is saying the studio won't comment and it's announcing this in the studio's press release. Right.

Columbia's comments on not commenting open the door to all sorts of conjecture (which is undoubtedly what Columbia is hoping for anyway). IGN FilmForce points toward two villain rumors: one giving the nod to Venom and the other speculating it'll be Sandman.

But there's more. A interview with "Spider-Man 3" special effects creator Tim Phoenix reveals that design concepts are being drawn up for Venom and Man-Wolf. And last week, actress Chloe Sevigny told the New York Daily News she has designs on a "Spider-Man 3" role: "There's a villain in it who's a blond, buxom girl, and I'm trying to get it!" says the character Sevigny is referring to is Black Cat.

So it all comes down to this: Nobody knows who the villain will be. Except Columbia. And it's not commenting.

"Spider-Man 3" is scheduled for release May 4, 2007. For more "Spider-Man 3" news check out our "Spider-Man" spotlight page. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on March 24, 2005 10:39 AM
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