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No Denying Episode III Music Video

You can try to quell your excitement for "Episode III," but there's really no resisting Lucasfilm's marketing efforts. These people know us -- a fact that is both frightening and oddly alluring.

Take, for example, the new "Revenge of the Sith" music video. Titled "A Hero Falls," this four-minute clip expertly pushes every single fanboy button. Consider the evidence:

  • Soaring John Williams score? Check.
  • Jaw-dropping visuals? Check.
  • Key lines of dialogue? Check.
  • Previously unseen light saber wizardry? Check.
  • Yoda kicking ass? Check.
  • Chewbacca? Check.
What's most impressive is that within a mere four minutes the disappointment from "Phantom Menance" and "Attack of the Clones" just fades away. Jar Jar, Jake Lloyd, midi-chlorians, stilted dialogue, even that weird Padme-Anakin courtship scene -- all of it is a distant memory.

It's a stunning phenomenon worthy of sociological study. Many of us know we're being manipulated, yet that seems okay. When McDonald's does it, it's evil, but when "Star Wars" propaganda is shoved into our arms we'll gladly accept the blatant commercialism. "Hey, is that Chewbacca on a Slurpee cup?! I'll take 10!" Amazing.

But enough of my half-assed analysis. Go ahead and crank up those speakers and download "A Hero Falls" (Quicktime 6 required).

For more "Star Wars" news visit our "Star Wars" spotlight page. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on May 2, 2005 01:18 PM
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