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Super Ex Lures Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard

Anna Faris The Hollywood Reporter says Anna Faris (the "Scary Movie" series) and Eddie Izzard ("Ocean's Twelve") have joined the cast of Ivan Reitman's comedy, "Super Ex."

"Super Ex" is one of those broad concepts that could become a paradigm-shifting hit (a la "Ghostbusters") or a massive stink bomb (a la ... well, most broad concepts). The film follows a regular guy (Owen Wilson) who discovers that his girlfriend (Uma Thurman) is a superhero. The normal-super dynamic proves too complicated, so the man ditches his super girl, thereby incurring the broken-hearted wrath of his power-wielding ex.

This movie would already be a failure if it were in the hands of a lesser cast. Fortunately, that's not the case. Wilson has a proven comedy track record (his most recent hit, "Wedding Crashers," is one of the breakout films of Summer '05) and Thurman reignited her career with the "Kill Bill" films. Throw in Anna Faris as the "other" love interest for Wilson's character and the reliable Izzard as the movie's villain and you've got some actual potential. Of course, Reitman's 2001 film "Evolution" also had potential. It ended up $41 million in the red.

"Super Ex" is scheduled for relapse in July 2006.

Posted by Mac on August 30, 2005 8:45 AM
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