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"Where the Truth Lies" Lands an NC17

2005_where_the_truth_lies.jpg IMDB reports via Studio Briefing that a new movie starting Kevin Bacon, "Where the Truth Lies," will not be cut to prevent an NC17 rating. In fact, it goes on to state that the director, Atom Egoyan, purposely shot the film's main offending scene, a threesome with Rachel Blanchard, Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth, as one long shot so that the action could not be cut. It goes on to cite the importance of the scene to the whole story, that cutting this scene would "[destroy] the heart of the movie."

Consider that for a moment. A explicit threesome contains information so integral to the film, that without, it would be heartless. Perhaps that's the scene where Bacon's character reveals that he has a special technique. This would lead Blanchard's character to remember seeing that technique as a child. This would reveal Bacon's character... Eh forget it.

Considering the tone of this story from the Globe and Mail (login required) which talks about nothing but "the explicit sex scene, " it leads one to wonder if perhaps there isn't another reason why this scene is uncuttable. Maybe this is brilliant marketing of an small film which wouldn't normally get much in the way of a promotions budget.

Just hope that the Truth in this film isn't that one of the characters is secretly bisexual. "Threesome" was terrible the first time around; having Kevin Bacon in the remake doesn't make it high art. -- Terrence Ryan

Posted by on September 8, 2005 06:28 PM
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