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Venom Filmed in Louisiana

IMDB has a nugget about "Venom" the horror movie that is coming out this weekend. "Venom," not related to the Marvel Comic character, was set and filmed in the bayous of Louisiana. Harvey and Bob Weinstein have considered that there may be a perception of impropriety around the horrific content of the film especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. However they cite the small release, the distinct subject matter and the ability of people to discern the difference between fiction and reality. It probably doesn't hurt that the money has already been spent promoting it.

Speaking of Louisiana, there has been talk, including this NY Times article (login required) post Katrina, about the future of the state's film industry. Louisiana aggressively pursued film industry projects with tax incentives. They achieved some success drawing in projects including "Ray" and "Mr 3000." Most of the current productions have moved in order to complete production schedules. It remains to be seen if the industry will return.

Here's to hoping they do. If early impressions of "Venom" are any indication, it will make a poor eulogy for the Louisiana film industry. --Terrence Ryan

Posted by on September 15, 2005 9:34 PM
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