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Rather praises Clooney's Upcoming Murrow Film

IMDB has a nugget today about Dan Rather praising George Clooney's upcoming picture "Good Night and Good Luck." The new film is about the confrontation between Edward R. Murrow, and Senator Joseph McCarthy. Rather praised the work for it's educational view of the journalism industry.

The BBC also has a longer piece on the upcoming film. Apparently Clooney mixed black and white footage of his actors with actual recordings of McCarthy. Clooney's stated goal was to ensure that he wasn't making the Senator out to be worse than he was. By including his own footage, you can judge him as he is.

This seems a little disingenuous. The montage system that underlies modern film editing is based on the idea that audience interpretations can be altered by what is cut around footage regardless of what the footage shows. This is what they use to make propaganda. Show McCarthy, now show a guy saying McCarthy is evil, or good, and the audience will go that way.

This is not to say that Clooney is making propaganda. More likely, the included shots of black and white archive film allowed him to justify shooting the rest in black and white, gaining some artistic credibility. Then when he pushes the movie he can point to the gimmick to get people talking about it. Everybody in the industry does nonsense like this - today Clooney's just getting called for it. --Terrence Ryan

Posted by on September 21, 2005 4:46 PM
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