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Technicolor Pushes Digital Projectors

IMDB via Studio Briefing has a small blurb about an exciting development in the push to drive Digital Projectors into theaters. Evidently it's a reaction to a move from Christie Digital Systems. Long and short of it, Technicolor will pay to install digital projectors in theaters. In return the studios will continue to pay film print prices for virtual prints until the projectors are paid off, at which time they would probably renegotiate prices.

This is a fantastic idea. It's costs the studios the same as it would to do nothing about digital projection. Technicolor moves into another business where it can survive instead of going the way of the dinosaur. Somehow the theaters get upgraded without having to drive prices even higher in a day and age where they are losing customers for reasons other than price, which is still a consideration. This also opens the door for theaters to use the technology to react to customer trends faster: like reducing poor performing movies to less screens while adding screens for surprise hits; or allow on-demand requesting movies. Hopefully this is the beginning of the digital movie theater revolution. --Terrence Ryan

Posted by on November 10, 2005 9:43 PM
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