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I decided to start the year off with a little metablogging.

I've been writing here for 5 months and I've never introduced myself. I'm Terrence Ryan. I'm late 20's film geek from Philadelphia. I've done some amateur film production, but haven't worked in the industry. Even before writing here, I had a significant portion of the IMDb mapped to my brain. I have written a few full length screenplays but they aren't pretty good. (This may indicate why I might have a slight bias against sequels and remakes.) Other random facts: I work a day-job in an unrelated field, I used to do professional improv comedy, and I have an Ivy League degree in a subject I haven't touched since I handed in my last paper.

I was hired to write film news. However with the number of film news sites out there I have chosen to focus some attention on certain sectors of the film business in order to set us apart. Before I spell the differences out, let me say that I have a good deal of respect for other outlets, in fact I cite them often, I am just spelling out how I try and set myself apart. (Translation: I don't dislike Cinematical or Ain't it Cool News, I just can't do what they do, so I focus on not doing what they do.) I focus on the following areas:

  • New or interesting casting news
  • New or interesting projects coming down the pike
  • News or rumors about highly anticipated projects
  • News related to the actual film/theater business
  • Occasional editorial content about the film/theater business

I avoid the following types of news:

  • New movie posters
  • New movie trailers
  • Celebrity gossip*

So now I turn it over to you the reader. Why do you read Are there other areas of content that you would like to see highlighted? Do you hate the disparaging remarks about sequels? Do you want me to stand up for Scotland?** Sound off in comments or drop me a line at terry (at)

* Occasionally, I do indulge in a little of this, but I freely admit that it's usually about a celebrity I have a particular interest in.

** For some reason comments on Luna Lovegood casting devolved into anti-Scottish sentiments. (Which I don't share.)

Posted by on January 2, 2006 7:37 PM
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