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Ocean's 13?

2005_steven_soderbergh.jpg According to ComingSoon, Steven Soderbergh is up for Ocean's 13. Granted he wants to get the entire ensemble back together, which will make it hard to schedule. But he went to a bunch of cast members with it, and they're game for it. I like the fact that he even admits that no one was really looking for it, but he has an idea, and he's you know, Steven Soderbergh, so he can just make a picture happen.

I also like that the interviewer sounds like they asked him "Do you make these films just to make money to fund your arty stuff?" And he gives the typical answer that these films are a fun diversion where he gets to do things he doesn't get to do in his other projects. Which I buy, but I kinda wish Soderbergh was like a modern day Thales.

Thales was a Greek philosopher who was given a bunch a crap for being a philosopher because there was no money in it. So he used philosophy to corner the market in olive presses. Then he made a mint on olive presses because there was a bring olive crop the next year.

Bringing that story to the modern day, I was kinda hoping that Soderbergh made the Danny Ocean films to stick it to people who gave him a hard time for making arty flicks. --Terrence Ryan


Posted by on January 11, 2006 11:14 PM
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