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The Ever Shrinking Window

Slate has an article about one of my favorite topics: the ever shrinking window between theatre release and home video release. Their take on it is pretty standard. DVD's and digital distribution increase profits and reduce risk. He cites "Bubble," the new release from Soderbergh which will release near simultaneously on HD TV, in theatres, and on DVD's. They also harp on the point that there are plenty of near commodity items for which people pay for experience upgrades.

What made this stand out to me was the comparison of the film industry to the book publishing industry. Specifically, Daniel Gross talks about the Kenneth Starr report. You see it was available for free on the internet, however people bought the Washington Post published version for $1, but they also bought a traditional book copy for $20. They did so because they didn't look at it as a flat number of customers. They realized that the people who read it on the net were never going to shell out for the book cover, but they did more to advertise it that anyone else. Hopefully it's a lesson that the film industry will pick up. --Terrence Ryan

Posted by on January 18, 2006 10:03 PM
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