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Gaye Biopic on the Horizon

Jesse Martin RTE has it that a biographical film about the life of Marvin Gaye will start filming in May. The film will be produced in Germany and Hungary and named "Sexual Healing" after one of Gaye's best known. It will star Jesse L. Martin from Tv's "Law and Order."

I'm excited about this for two major reasons. 1. I really like Jesse Martin, and want to see his career expand. This looks like a good opportunity for him. 2. A movie named "Sexual Healing" about a character with a last name of "Gaye." --- it it's our only hope to replace the onslaught of "Brokeback Mountain" jokes on late night TV.


Posted by on February 6, 2006 8:25 PM
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Very happy to hear that Jamie Foxx is not playing Marvin Gaye. I remember after "Ray," it seemed like he was going to play everyone --- Marvin Gaye, Jackie Robinson. I was like, "give someone else a chance!" Nice news.

I just hope that Martin doesn't pop up everywhere singing now like Jamie Foxx. Drives me crazy! I guess he needs a fallback after "Miami Vice" comes out.

[Sorry --- I realize this post sounds very bitter.]

-- Posted by: Rachel at February 7, 2006 8:54 AM

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