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Alternative Distribution Channels

Hollywood Reporter has an article about new options in distribution channels for independent filmmakers. They're touted as a viable alternatives for films that do well at festivals but fail to garner a traditional independent distributor. It's a pretty big market, as the last Sundance festival only resulted in less than 10 distribution deals.

The first major format for alternative distribution is DVD distribution for a specialty group. Film Movement is one such group, that specifically distributes films to its members via a DVD of the month club. They also appear to have some sort of screening deal too.

The other major version of alternative distribution is self-distribution. (Despite marketing claims, that's what it is.) Filmmakers can pay to their films out there, with options for number of screens, and markets. The deal allows filmmakers to keep all of the profits of their film.

This is a good thing. Granted I think some self aggrandizing auteurs will lose their shirts, as sometimes films fail to get distributed because they are craptastic. Hopefully, this trend continues. --Terrence Ryan

Posted by on March 29, 2006 8:26 PM
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