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Critics and Controversy Can't Stop "Da Vinci Code"

Da Vinci Code You don't need to be great. You don't need to be good. You just need to be controversial.

This theory -- now known as "The Da Vinci Postulate" -- was validated this weekend with a $224 million worldwide take for Ron Howard's widely panned "Da Vinci Code" adaptation.

The bestselling novel and the movie have collectively pulled giant hairs across the pious posteriors of religious groups. In case you hadn't heard, the "Da Vinci" story suggests that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene got married and had a child. Alas, the Bible fails to mention either of these events, so believers hit the streets to protest the blasphemy. Columbia Pictures, the film's distributor, successfully countered the outrage by releasing "Da Vinci" simultaneously in 90 foreign markets. Behold, the power of international distribution!

"Da Vinci" also defied critical vitriol. The film earned rotten status at Rotten Tomatoes and most reviews have noted the story's slow pace. Apparently, "boring" sells.

In the U.S., "Da Vinci" finished first at the box office (shocker) with $77 million in receipts. "Over the Hedge" came in second with $37.2 million and "Mission: Impossible III" dropped to third with $11 million.

It'll be interesting to see how "Da Vinci" holds up in its second week of release. Will criticism and controversy cut earnings off at the knees, or will "Da Vinci" continue to defy its detractors? -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on May 21, 2006 5:57 PM
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Dear Sir,
I don't care how much revenue the film will make as I shall not be contributing one cent. I found Dan Brown's book the most boring and tedious I have ever read. I had to give up half way through. Therefore I shall not see the film even if the ticket was free. Several of my friends are of the same opinion. All I can say to those who read the book and saw the film well done you must be brave.

nehad ismail
camberley, surrey, england

-- Posted by: nehad ismail at May 22, 2006 4:14 PM

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