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Ang Lee Follows "Brokeback" With "Lust"

Ang LeeAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Ang Lee is reuniting with longtime collaborator James Schamus to direct the espionage thriller "Lust, Caution."

The film will be the first for Lee since winning the Academy Award for directing "Brokeback Mountain."

Set in World War II-era Shanghai, "Lust" is expected to begin production this Fall.

The Chinese-language feature will be scripted by Hui-Ling Wang (who also co-wrote Lee's "Eat Drink Man Woman" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") based on a short story by the late Chinese author Eileen Chang.

Schamus, who has worked on nine films with Lee either as a producer or a writer, will serve as executive producer on "Lust." "Ang is going to be making a very exciting film that's unlike anything he's done before," said Schamus. "'Lust, Caution' is a uniquely Asian story which, in Ang's hands, will surprise and attract audiences around the world."

With Lee at the helm, the film is sure to be great (the "Hulk" aside). Just watch the chilling family tale "The Ice Storm" if you have any doubts. It's terrible and moving and terribly moving. Not unlike "Brokeback." In fact, the words "lust" and "caution" could sum up both "Ice Storm" and "Brokeback" - heck, perhaps most of Lee's films. It seems fitting that he should take on this new project. Yes, ok. I'm a fan. -- Shannon Nolley

Posted by Shannon on May 23, 2006 10:51 PM
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The Hulk WAS great, for what it was.

Just because it tanked at the box office does not make it an unworthy Ang Lee film.

In fact, the reason the Hulk works is because it's an Ang Lee film. In any other hands it would have been a complete bomb. At least with Lee, it was an interesting bomb.

-- Posted by: Mr Pants at May 24, 2006 12:32 PM

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