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Live Mansion Social networking is all the rage in the Web World, and now it's sliding into film production.

Production company Ckrush, Inc. is opening all aspects of its next film, "Live Mansion: The Movie," to Web users. Registered members of will be able to choose the film's director and its stars.

This project at first set off my "dubious" alarm, but now I can see how this might work. The project's press release clearly shows that the folks developing this thing have put a lot of effort into finding people with actual talent (as opposed to, say, a certain rock star reality show).

Anyone interested in directing or starring in "Live Mansion: The Movie" will have to jump through major hoops. For example, director candidates must do the following:

  • Tell a story using three pictures and no narrative (does mime count?). Submissions will be voted upon by members.

  • Candidates making it to the second round will then submit a three-minute video. Again, submissions will be ranked by the community.

  • In round three, candidates will film an actual scene from "Live Mansion: The Movie." Votes will be cast. Careers will end. Teardrops will fall.

  • Finally, the five top candidates will be given a budget to create a short film based on "Live Mansion: The Movie. The five finalists will present their shorts to "industry professionals" (not sure who these people are, but whatever). The shorts will also be voted upon by the community and the final director will be chosen.
Not exactly a cakewalk. Potential castmembers will go through a similar process.

What's interesting about this project is that the film really isn't all that important. Oh sure, if "Live Mansion" pulls a "Blair Witch" and makes ridiculous amounts of money it'll be a huge win for social networking and they'll get the obligatory "Wired" cover story. But, really, a project like this has more to do with marketing and brand awareness than any end-product. Ckrush is already generating free publicity (e.g. this article), and the publicity extends beyond "Live Mansion." Prior to reading the press release, I had no idea Ckrush will soon release "Beer League" starring Artie Lange, or Paris Hilton's "Pledge This!"

Now I do, and I guess that counts for something. -- Mac Slocum

Posted by Mac on July 26, 2006 5:37 PM
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