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2007 Upcoming Release Roundup; Jolie in New Mother Role

The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting roundup of films we can expect in the 2007 calendar year. So far as I know, Stephen Humphries is the first to comment on the fact that we're going to be getting not just a batch of sequels but trilogy-rounders this time. Well, maybe third time will be a charm for some studios, but it's difficult to imagine how "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End" could possibly make more money for Disney than "Dead Man's Chest"... unless this time there's actually a story involved, and not just random scenarios for the kiddies to reenact with their action figures.

Other "part three" features include "Spiderman," "Shrek," and Clooney-fest "Ocean's 13".

Most interesting, a little farther down the list, is the report of a Thanksgiving release. Apparently Neil Gaiman has scripted a treatment of "Beowulf" for Robert Zemeckis to direct. According to the listing at IMDB, Angelina Jolie will be playing, that's right, Grendel's mom. For those of you who didn't do the homework in high school, Grendel is the thing that eats all the Saxon warriors. Guess Angelina's adopting the little monster, in the hope that he'll turn out better if given a good home.

Posted by on January 10, 2007 10:33 AM
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