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Marc Rocco to Adapt Jim Thompson's "Killer"

Gritty noir violence continues its juicy comeback. Director Marc Rocco is preparing a project based on the 1952 Jim Thompson crime thriller "The Killer Inside Me." Robert Weinbach has scripted a draft, and Rocco says the financing deal should soon be inked, with casting TDB for a fall start date.

"I loved the idea of filming a beautiful small town and adding an antihero who is right out of the films of the 1970s," Rocco is quoted as saying in Variety. "We will put him into a post-9/11 world, and one interesting layer to the script is how much technology has changed the definition of a small town."

Thompson's story is about a kindly Texas deputy sheriff in a West Texas town who turns out to be an out-of-control serial killer. This won't be the first time the material was previously made into a film: a 1976 effort starred Stacy Keach.

Other Thompson books that have made the leap to the Silver Screen include "After Dark, My Sweet," and "The Grifters."

Posted by Jim Gilbert on January 30, 2007 06:44 PM
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