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A Sequel for "The Departed"?

There's a report today that Martin Scorsese's latest crime flick, "The Departed," could get the sequel treatment. Despite the fact (without, ahem, giving anything away) that a lot of people get fitted for angel wings in the last reel, there are several possible ways to reseed the killing field.

"The Departed" is a remake of a Chinese thriller, "Mou gaan dou" ("Infernal Affairs") which was the first of a trilogy; Warner Bros. purchased the rights to all three films back in 2003, and could decide to simply follow the trilogy playbook. William Monahan, who scripted "The Departed," is apparently working up a pitch for a second movie, that would continue to feature Oscar-nominated Mark Walberg's character, as well as Robert De Niro in a new role.

Another potential path, allowing for many of the characters (and actors) from the first film to return: Prequel. Just be sure not to let George Lucas get involved.

"The Departed" is Scorsese's most successful film to date, in terms of box office. Warner would undoubtedly like a repeat performance, but it remains to be seen how Marty would like to involve himself.

Posted by on January 31, 2007 4:26 PM
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