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Lionsgate Roaring With New Developments

Lionsgate, the only film company unafraid to distribute NC-17 and unrated films to theater chains, is now stepping boldly into the digital download arena. Variety reports that Lionsgate has just completed a deal with Apple to make their back catalog, including films such as "Terminator 2" and "The Blair Witch Project," available via the iTunes content provider, so popular with the kids these days.

Lionsgate becomes the third studio, and the first indie, to throw their digital hat into the ring; they follow Paramount and Disney. Only Disney offers newer content via iTunes. The practice of offering brand-new product in downloads, while feasible for television networks, is still a cost-prohibitive and unwieldy notion for the film industry, which is unwilling to trim their very comfortable DVD profit margins.

Lionsgate may well be the studio that leads the bigger boys into the digital age. This is not their first download deal. They previously made their wares available for gamers to access via the XBox 360. Which leads us to this...

Variety also reports Lionsgate has purchased the film rights to the videogame "Kane and Lynch," which will soon be released by Eidos Interactive. The story involves a couple of death row inmates who work together to retrieve a stolen, hidden treasure. Looks like Lionsgate is interested in all possible kinds of screen interaction... but has there ever been a genuinely good movie, based on video game content?

Posted by on February 13, 2007 3:04 PM
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