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Pre-Oscar Awards Roundup

With just a week to go before Awards Season 2007 pretty much comes to a close, a few specialized associations have handed out their accolades. Here's your Round Robin Roundup:

ACE Eddie Awards, handed out by the American Cinema Editors society in recognition of their own, were bestowed upon Virginia Katz for “Dreamgirls” (in the Musical/Comedy category) and Jay Cassidy and Dan Swietlik for “An Inconvenient Truth” (Documentary). The Drama category resulted in a tie between Stephen Mirrione and Douglas Crise (for "Babel") and Thelma Schoonmaker (for "The Departed").

Meanwhile, the American Society of Cinematography handed out their ASC Awards, giving Emmanuel Lubezki top honors in the feature film category for "Children of Men." A Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Brahmins Allen Daviau, and an International Achievement Award to Michale Ballhaus, who most recently photographed "The Departed" for Martin Scorsese.

Across town, Costume Designers Guild Awards went to Chung Man Yee for Excellence in a Period Film ("Curse of the Golden Flower"), to Consolata Boyle for Excellence in Contemporary Film ("The Queen"), and to Lala Huete for Excellence in Fantasy Film ("Pan's Labyrinth").

Finally, the Art Directors Guild’s 11th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards (which otherwise does not have a snappy name) were awarded to Eugenio Cabellero for "Pan's Labyrinth" in the fantasy category; to Huo Tingxiao for "The Curse of the Golden Flower" in the period film category; and Peter Lamont for "Casino Royale" in the contemporary category. A lifetime achievement award was presented to Dead Tavoularis, and Terry Gilliam got a nod for his overall contributions of imagery in film over the years.

“This is generally quite wondrous," Gilliam said upon accepting, "because it’s literally the first award I’ve won in Hollywood.”

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