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Tarantino, from "Grindhouse" to "Hell Ride"

Quentin Tarantino is keeping busy these days. Hot on the heels of his "Grindhouse" co-direction project with Robert Rodriguez, he's now entered pre-production on another quasi-exploitation flick, "Hell Ride."

IGN reports that "Grindhouse" will be split into two individual features for certain overseas markets. The movie itself is actually composed of two segments--"Planet Terror" directed by Rodriguez, and "Death Proof" directed by Tarantino. For the US release, hoax trailers for other exploitation-like films, directed by Eli Roth and Rob Zombie, will separate the two main "films." Undoubtedly, the overseas releases will be padded with extra footage (likely to be included as extended or cut scenes on the eventual DVD release). In IGN's report, someone is quoted as saying that the "double-bill concept [which "Grindhouse" emulates] is alien to many filmgoers around the world." Well, okay--but that might also mean they might not get the whole awesome schlock-homage either. Give folks some credit, yeesh.

(Oh, wait a minute, I get it... if the distribution company releases two movies, they make twice as much money. Never mind. Well, talk about exploitation...)

Meanwhile, according to an email from my old pal Laura Cayouette, Tarantino has officially begun pre-production on "Hell Ride," with shooting scheduled to begin in late April. Cayouette will star as "St. Claire" opposite Michael Madsen in this tale of motorcycle revenge and retribution, to be directed by biker-movie veteran Larry Bishop. We'll keep you updated....

Posted by on February 22, 2007 3:32 PM
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