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"Strange" Searles Novel Moves to Screen

Hollywood has apparently, at last, been hitting the bookstores for story inspiration. Will wonders never cease? The film rights to the quirky suburban mystery novel "Strange But True" by John Searles have just been purchased by GreeneStreet Films, the same production company behind "A Prairie Home Companion" and John Turturro's "Romance & Cigarettes." The deal included an initial screenplay, adapted by Searles--who is also a deputy editor for Cosmopolitan magazine--himself.

"Strange But True" is a well-reviewed novel about a young woman, Melissa, who claims she is carrying the child of her former boyfriend, Ronnie Chase. The reason he's a "former" boyfriend is because, well, he's been dead for five years. The story unravels around other members of the Chase family, primarily Ronnie's brother Philip, as they attempt to discover the truth behind Melissa's claims--but their own mysterious circumstances, and those of numerous side-characters, eventually take center stage. Sounds like something that would appeal to fans of "Twin Peaks."

GreeneStreet seems to be literature friendly--they are also producing John Ridley's adaptation of James McManus's novel "Positively Fifth Street", about a murder during the World Series of Poker.

Source: Reuters.

Posted by on March 1, 2007 11:51 AM
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The dude probably just stored semen away in cold storage, and the girlfriend accessed his sperm.

What's the big mystery?

-- Posted by: Gategrrl at March 1, 2007 1:06 PM

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