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Superman Still Returning

It's like a game of Pong, or something, at Warner Brothers, concerning this whole Superman franchise. First, given the news that Bryan Singer's next project will be a WW2 drama for United Artists, came the rumor that the next Supe film would be shelved or possibly scrapped. Seems these days, given what Sam Raimi has done for Spider-Man, the studios are reluctant to let their superheroes switch their directors in mid-success.

Of course, that also fed into the WB's announcement that they would be developing a Justice League of America film project--the assumption being that Superman would simply be folded into that endeavor, rather than continue in his own series.

But now Warner Brothers insists that Superman will return again, but after Singer finishes up his Tom Cruise obligations. There are also rumors as to who the villains might be, but seeing as how some people are still touting Shia LaBeouf as the son of Indiana Jones, I think it's safe to say: "Well, kids, let's just wait and see, shall we?"

Source: IGN Movie News.

Posted by on March 21, 2007 9:25 PM
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I know this is anathema to Super Man traditionalists, but I think the producers should take a note from "Spider-Man" and inject more humanity into the proceedings. The great thing about Raimi's "Spidey" films is that they're compelling stories. Peter Parker is just as interesting as Spider-Man, but the same can't be said for the bumbling/vaudevillian Clark Kent.

See, I enjoyed "Superman Returns" for its technical prowess (the airplane in the stadium scene was amazing), but I didn't get a sense of the movie's pulse or soul. I've never had that problem with the "Spider-Man" films, which is why Raimi's work is on my DVD shelf and "Superman Returns" is merely a Netflix rental. -- mac

-- Posted by: mac at March 23, 2007 10:54 AM

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