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"Escape From NY" To Get Prequel Treatment

The much discussed "Escape From New York" project, originally touted as being a remake of the 1981 John Carpenter-directed original, looks like it's heading into prequel territory instead. The property is being developed at New Line, which is desperately in need of a hit--and since there really isn't anything wrong with Carpenter's version, this only makes sense. Carpenter himself hinted a while back that Snake's backstory could well be the focus of this third film in the life of post-apocalyptic anti-hero Snake Plissken, and now this notion is confirmed by producer Neal Moritz.

A squib (page 13) in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has Moritz describing the new approach as "almost an origin story." This is in conjunction with Gerard Butler signing on to play the young Snake. Of course a little later on in the same issue (page 28) you've got Kurt Russell, the original Snake Plissken, weighing in: "I do think that Snake was quintessentially one thing--and that is American." This being a somewhat grumpy reference to Butler being Scottish.

But you can see where Kurt is coming from. Hey, if Harrison Ford at the ripe retirement age of 65 gets to come back and play Indiana Jones again, why shouldn't Russell return as the Snakester?

Source: IGN Film News.

Posted by on March 26, 2007 10:07 PM
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