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Shrek x 4?

DreamWorks, which won't premiere "Shrek the Third" for another six weeks, is already talking about a fourth film in addition to the previously planned half-hour ABC television Christmas special, "Shrek the Halls".

Most of the same designers and animators have been at work on the Christmas special, which is nearly complete, and will use most of the same characters (and, of course, voice actors) as have been featured in the films. "It really integrates seamlessly," says art director Peter Zaslav, "taking place where Shrek the Third left off." And they don't intend for this to be a crappy one-off show, either--the aim is for this thing to enter the classic holiday lexicon of animated specials, up there with the Grinch and Charlie Brown shows: "It has to be visually and story-wise up with all the Shrek films in terms of quality. So far it's looking really good."

Meanwhile, while acknowledging that a fourth film is in development, the production and design team is otherwise keeping any details top secret--and will not comment on speculations as to spin-off projects, namely involving the characters of Puss in Boots or Artie (King Arthur) in the new film. "I am going to use the Scooter Libby thing," production designer Guillaume Aretos joked when grilled about such projects. "I do not recall."

Source: IGN Film News.

Posted by on April 2, 2007 9:33 PM
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