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"Hell Ride" Casting News **corrected**

Exclusive news from the set of "Hell Ride," the grindhouse-esque biker flick next in development at the Tarantino offices. Laura Cayouette just emailed to let me know "deals are now closed on Eric Balfour for Comanche and Vinny Jones for Billy Wings." Cayouette's role in the film is that of "Dani/Colleen" (erroneously reported on IMBD as "St. Claire").

The film, which has been described as a biker-movie throwback, is to be directed by Larry Bishop, based on his own screenplay. Bishop is a veteran of similar genre films such as "Shanks" and "Angels Unchained." He was introduced to Tarantino by Cayouette over five years ago, when they all sat down to watch "The Savage Seven." IMDB reports that "Hell Ride" was seeded when Bishop met star Michael Madson while the two were working together on "Kill Bill 2," but according to Laura, this is only one of the web's many inaccuracies. As time goes on, I'll be putting together the real story for you here, so stay tuned....

"Hell Ride" is slated to begin filming soon in Los Angeles, with an eye toward a summer 2008 release.

Source: My Muse.

Posted by on April 19, 2007 4:13 PM
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