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Thundercats, Ho!

In the 1980’s, while I got ready for school, I would sit down each day at 7:00 and listen to the familiar refrain, “Thundercats, Ho!”

Thus began one of the most popular cartoons of the decade. It was done in English, but there was a discernable Japanese feel to it, and not just because of the names which were unpronounceable to me. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul but in the Thundercats case, it was the eyes that were the window to the animators. Japanese anime has generally been associated with rounder, more almond-eyed characters, and Thundercats was no exception.

The plot of the show, which mirrored the Transformers I always thought, focused on a group of feline-featured, but humanoid looking for a new home after they are forced to leave their home planet of Thundera. They settle on Third Earth, thinking they have found a paradise. Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and Cheetara soon realize though, that they are not alone. Mumm-Ra, an evil sorcerer also inhabits the planet, and does not appreciate his new neighbors and their appreciation of justice and honor.

Now we have news that, just like the Transformers, Thundercats may be getting the big screen treatment. Variety is reporting that Warner Bros plans on moving ahead with a live-action movie based on the cartoon series.

The Paul Sopocy script is an origin story, which goes into more detail about the history of the four main Thunderans and their nemesis. It also follows Lion-O’s rise as their leader.


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