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McGregor and Carrey to Share On-Screen Romance

By Franck Tabouring

Ewan McGregor has signed on to play alongside Jim Carrey in “I Love You Phillip Morris,” a dark comedy directed by screenwriters Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Variety reports that Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp will finance the film, which is inspired by the true story of Steven Russell, a talented conman who ended up in a Texas prison, where he fell in love with his cellmate Phillip Morris. Russell attempted to escape the facility a total of four times, earning himself a 144-year sentence.

Ficarra and Requa, whose writing credits include “Bad Santa,” penned the script based on a book by Steve McVicker. Carrey will play Russell, while McGregor takes over the role of his lover.

Principal photography is set to start early next year, with the release of the film scheduled for 2009.

Jim Carrey most recently starred in Joel Schumacher’s thriller “The Number 23.” He is currently filming “A Christmas Carol” for Robert Zemeckis. McGregor last starred in Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream” and has just wrapped filming Marcel Langenegger’s action thriller “The List.”

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor smooching in a prison cell? Sounds better than Kevin James and Adam Sandler faking a marriage to get partner benefits.

Posted by Franck on December 18, 2007 2:54 PM
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Yuck! Ewan McGregor deserves so much better than to end up in a movie with Jim Carey. I've always hated Carey and he is very much over with anyway. Why does EVERYTHING that's supposed to be a comedy have to be a "dark comedy"? McGregor should stay away from the Hollywood crap mill.

-- Posted by: Everett at December 18, 2007 10:45 PM

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