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Raimi Returns to Horror With “Hell”

By Franck Tabouring

After devoting the past five years to directing three “Spider-Man” movies, Sam Raimi will return to the genre that made him famous. According to Variety, Raimi has signed on to helm “Drag Me to Hell,” a supernatural thriller about someone who is unknowingly cursed with a mysterious power.

Raimi started writing the script with his brother Ivan many years ago, completing it soon after he directed “Army of Darkness” in 1992. He will be financing “Hell” through Ghost House Pictures, a production company Raimi founded with his producer partner Rob Tapert in 2002.

“Drag Me to Hell” marks the first film Raimi directs for Ghost House. He and Tapert previously produced the Takashi Shimizu-directed remake “The Grudge,” the Pang brothers-helmed “The Messengers”, and David Slade’s recent horror thriller “30 Days of Night.” Ghost House is also gearing up for a remake of Raimi’s 1981 breakthrough hit “Evil Dead.”

Raimi has not yet confirmed his involvement in any future “Spider-Man” films, but Variety says he is rumored to helm the Peter Jackson-produced “The Hobbit.”

A distributor for “Drag Me to Hell” has yet to be announced.

Posted by Franck on December 20, 2007 4:12 PM
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